Risk Taking (g).

Squirrelfish Le Tenebreuxto Everyone

Ok, sticking my neck out here because I remember only too well being told that NO Animist was to consider posting in this forum again.

However, technically I am no Longer an Animist and secondly I am not criticising I am making an Offer.

So... I like the idea of you guys organising Tournaments, saves you all teaming to murder and strip each other so much maybe (wink).

I offer my self as holder of Tournament Funds, as an unbiased third party. I also offer an out of the way, little used, area for you to meet in. Gaurthang is all but empty, but it is a maze of great loops locs and even has a cheap shop I can stock or

unstock with anything those in the Tournament decide .

Leave the Numbers Rackets to those who know it best (smile) and let me hold your hard earned ticket fund.

Yours Squirrelfish.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Paglost, in the year 1060.