A few options.

Dr Maiya, Diagnosis Deliciousto Exquisite Imladris

Good posts and thank you for maintaining the quality of this board (the same to the rest of you

that have contributed in the last day). Your points about the Charming skillset were made earlier

in another post and no one seemed to give you too much thought to them, which is why I suspect you

bring up the issue again. Rightfully so.

The charming skillset seems to have been taken for granted frankly by mages and loremasters in

its importance while fighting. Although I can't imagine a knight not handburning another knight

when he fullparries constantly to try and make the battle go in a more meaningful direction, I think

that the last attempt at 'hoarding' the magical items you all help to make is not the answer.

There must be an equilibrium obtained in your skillset just as the thieves and rangers have

obtained an equilibrium with nature, limiting the abundance of the most effective poisons and herbs

so that their professions remain unique to all others. Rather than ask a Divinity to replace your

charming skillset with something like 'Elixirs' or 'Spiritualism' to make the mage profession seem

more useful is equally not the answer either.

What you need to decide as Guildmaster of the Enchanters is what charming skills should be

generously 'offered' to the public and which skills are deemed SACRED. For example, charging

items with the ultimate skill of Traversal is like a thief putting Nann up for sale at 20gp each

and constantly keeping them stocked at a quantity of 255 (to compare to the 255 charges you get from

a charmed item). Now this is easier said than done, but it is POSSIBLE. For instance, one can

argue that 'SUMMON,' being a very useful charming skill that is also high in legendary level has

been taken for granted and handed out to the public like free samples of Freschetta at a grocery store.

On the other hand, if I was stuck in a room with a mage and their rituals with 3-4 other enemies,

I really would like it if someone on MY side was able to summon me out. What about teleport items?

Would you like the incessant pilling in guilds to stop? You realize if timed correctly, I could

eat pill

could pill in and out of your location repeatedly, 40 times in a row and then image burn you? It's

cheap... its lame... but its been done. Perhaps in this manner, teleport could be deemed more

'SACRED' than summoning. It might take a lot of discussion with the entire mage/warlock/enchanter/

wizard community but it is POSSIBLE. Discuss every charming skill and decide which skills will be

deemed holy to the profession and which ones can be deemed secular. The power is literally in your


Sincerely, Dr. Maiya

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midsummer, in the year 1059.