Fair versus Unfair in Avalon.

Dr Maiya, Diagnosis Deliciousto Everyone

Despite the last few posts (as astoundingly intelligent as they were) I'd like to bring up the

subject matter of fairness in Avalon. The only reason I bring it up is because no one has

really defined what it means. Is it equally reflective of the word 'Justice?' Or perhaps the

word 'Equality' is less debatable in nature? For example, if someone said to you, \"X is equal to

the number three and Y is equal to the number three as well, therefore there is an equality

between X and Y,\" you wouldn't be able to dispute the theorem. On the other hand, if someone told you,

\"X is equal to the number 5, but Y is equal to the number 3,\" you wouldn't cry \"WELL THAT'S


This statement is simply understood as an inequality. Likewise, with Avalon, the same variables

can be applied to our skills, but with much more complexity. It is not simply a matter of who

does the most damage per jab or per handburn. Instead of X and Y being the only two variables,

we have as many variables as their are skills. If a Knights jj is equal to <X> and a LM's jab

with a hand rune is equal to <Y>, and <X> = <Y> then the skills are equal (damage base alone).

In order to test the equality further we must add in various other variables and see if the two

skills still end up sharing an equality. I. E. If soft equilibrium = A and hard equilibrium = B, and the

subset of A is Y, while the subset of B is X, then X:B does not equal Y:A. In English, because

hard equilibrium is linked with JJ and soft equilibrium is linked with a LM hand rune/jab, and the

two do equal amounts of damage, then by the rules of equality the two skills are unequal.

Then we add even more variables to see if we can somehow make them equal again:

The subset of X (JJ) is A,B,C,D,E and the subset of Y (LM Jab w/hand rune) is F,G,H,I,J, where

A = Steed Balance = F, B = Herb Balance = G, C = Potion Quaff Balance = H, D = Swordplay level = I,

and E = Other Random Non-Guild Skill = J, then by the previous arguments we have no choice but to

agree that the two skills are indeed equal. Now let's see if we can find an instance where a

non-guild skill that is equal in strength (provided the level is the same between players) where

an inequality arises:

Since every Player is allowed to obtain every skill in the non-guild skillsets with the exception of

level ranked skillsets (swordplay being the only one) then we are forced to agree that every Player

is equal provided they have the same non-guild skills. Therefore, disregarding outside forces such

as little kids distracting you at your keyboard, lag time, phone ringing etc., there is not one

single instance that can be found within the non-guild skills deemed 'unequal' or 'unfair.'


Written by my hand on the 1st of Midsummer, in the year 1059.