An apology from Agrias.

Maiya, The Great Deceptionto Everyone

Being as my real life companion is quitting the game for good due to present circumstances, he

wished me to write an apology to all of you and to Damocles. He wanted to say that his ranting at

Lord Damocles was of his own accord and had nothing to do with Inshallah, nor her order as a whole.

Quote: \"Inshallah's order strictly forbids the use of foul language and harsh intonation when

addressing a God,\" so from his mouth to my ears and from my mouth to your ears, there you have it.

Somebody told me that it doesn't really matter to the Gods because for every person that quits

the game, there are 10 other people wanting to play. I hope there isn't any truth to this at all

for if I played the game for as long as he had or longer, I would expect just a little bit more

from Avalon and not feel so easily expendable. But anyways, that's all I had to report.

The Wise and All-Knowing, Maiya

Written by my hand on the 27th of Mournsend, in the year 1059.