skill use.

Kal Zakathto Artisan Allanon, of Springdale

Since no Thakrian will have power over Earthbinding in combat you

are talking about a situation that will never arise. Whilst Paladins can

and do use the skill to the exact same effect as a storeroom in terms

of pill cancellation, which I point out again is vastly superior in that

portals do not work and can be put on at will. your point is rather


If I had the skill of course I would not put it up constnatly, I would

however put it up if I trapped a foe in rituals.

You all avoid my question, if storeroom pill cancellation is ridiculous then

surely Earthbinding is more-so.

But of course you wouldn't agree would you. since only Springdale can

Earthbind why would you agree??

We shall wait and see if things change, if it does so-be-it.

There isn't a very severe shortage of mage-types in this realm for no

reason, and if the mages from the other 3 guilds do not wish to stick up

for their profession, then things will never change.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Agamnion, in the year 1058.