Kal Zakathto Rudolph Duroc


Agrias has been answered many times on many of the issues which

trouble his disturbed mind.

His response to logical debate by mercinaens, thakrians and parrians from

his own city is to poo-poo the argument which he often starts. It is no wonder as

a result that people will tend to skip over what he types.

In a direct response to your point - The divinites and their favoured ones do tend

to do as they please. It is not for mortals to fathom their actions and if we have a problem

with it, we bring them to deities willing to fight the cause on our behalf.

He certainly is not the only person to suffer from the wrath of divinities or percieved

injustices. I have in my playing career incurred two eternal disfavours, one which lasted

many many avalon years, had skills reduced as punishment, items zapped whilst using them

and much much more and yet I have not whined as loudly or publicly about

these to the rest of the realm.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Midwinter, in the year 1057.