Disgraceful conduct.

Last night, I took it upon myself to venture bravely into Thakrian territory where Sarak

was sitting around doing nothing in particular inside Dalgar's when i came up behind and

killed him. Nothing against you, Sarak, of course as its all fun and games for us. But

apparently some take things much too seriously. But 5 minutes later out of nowhere,

Mohrion decides to lose his superinvisibility and attack me w/in Parrius. Fine. I have

no problem with that. I defended even with my EDF from Orthwein which negates any sort of

parleying of higher demons or trueslaying of lesser ones. I STILL managed to kill you and

then you go off and do something like using your chosen one powers to disfavour me.


How many more friggin people are going to abuse their powers to try and hinder me from

killing them before they just up and admit that they got their ass handed to them, bow, and

walk away!???? Now all my skills are down below master and I should be peers with most

people who've only played a month. This is absurd behaviour for a Chosen One who attacks me

to begin with. You were upset that you couldn't even beat me despite my EDF and so you

disfavoured. But it is not I who looks bad here, Mohrion. It is you. Face up to it,

take the loss and move on. Dispensing disfavour as if I attacked you in your own Temple

when it was a normal, everday fight is absolutely, irrevocably irresponsible.

Agrias, disgusted, dismayed, and generally unhappy

Written by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 1056.