shrunken heads.

If you die to a seer in a \"duel\" then it is by no means difficult to obtain a head for he is imperviouse to any outside intervention while the duelist is still on the ship and has not abstained himself from the duel. It takes about three quarters a sh

ip ride to sever a head. a bit less.

And there is no counter as agrias said for heads. except divine protection. and ofcourse embrasing passifism.

I personally am not against image burn or any of the other seer skills. cept mabey bless bulimia, heads though are exceptionally dangerouse and i will explain why. It is the only trully detrimental skill to troop marching hell with enough rations you

dont even have to go through the green wood to get to the majour cities.

It is a very roundabout way but it is possible... heads make marching legions impossible. a vanguard will not protect you from it. from being fullcrippled to other nasty torture that does not permit legion commanders to move his troups.

This might make sense to some. seeing as the seers are \"mysterious\" and \"sneaky\" using subterfuge and tactics than raw strength to kill a foe... I agree to all of this. but again. not to being able to singlehandedly stop the movement of thousands o

f men from a secure location. shop stockroom, guild stocks

So legion defenders canot get access to the attacking seer if he really does not want to be caught. No heads are fine. make ppl suffer all you want. for days possibly. all it took you was what. a half hours work? but. vanguards should protect the

commander from the seers influence. dont armies have clerics and mystics? food for thought.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1056.