A change of subject.

Rising Agrias, Soul Eclipsedto Everyone

I figured I would sit back for a moment and think about the duel I had

with Flagg, which by the way was good fun as always 'ol chap. I became a

bit pensive though when after I was image burned, I started getting cursed

like a mo-fo nonstop. My first thought was... \"Did he get bonds on me from

a different wax and save it for now?! \"

After realizing he had only 1 bond of me my second idea was \"Is Flagg

secretly a God in disguise? \"

shaking away that ridiculous thought, I moved onto yet another, more

realistic thought, \"Has the Seer skillset changed in some way to make this

constant truecrippling and cursing become attainable? \"

It was none of the above. He simply had my shrunken head.

Enlightened, I had an epiphany -- How does one obtain the head of an individual

health has just immolated?

Now please do not take this as a means to complain or whine, I am simply

wondering about the logistics of that powerful skill.

To immolate means to destroy, to sacrifice by means of fire - Spontaneous

human combustion comes to mind.

How then, from this image burn, can one lose all rights of sustaining his

body, (olvar herb, life potion, etc) and yet still have his body available

to the Seer after the fatal skill is released upon him?

It seems enough that one competent enough to fight a Seer for more than

a half hour at a time has to ride the ship after being image burned. It also

seems complete over-kill to allow the Seer access to his head afterwards for

further torture.

You may ask me, \"Well why didn't you just stay DP after the duel? \"

The answer is because I wasn't DP when I issued the duel and after riding the

ship, the DP was still non-existent. Now granted the Seer skillset involves

mysticism which is an age-old magical art with much elusiveness behind it,

but it still obeys the laws of magic and nature that are inherent in Avalon.

If you levitate, you avoid earthquake ritual - if you but up fire resistance

you don't get hurt by firebolt, if you kill a seer the waxen image is removed.

All of these things fit within Avalon's balanced fighting system. (by balanced

I mean for every action there is a counter, and a counter for every counter,

etc, etc). Why then is it so hard to ignore the imbalance of image burn

in this scenario and not question more things about it?

Take this as a pleasant opportunity to voice your opinion and treat this

issue as a debate rather than a means to bitch about other things. This

topic is specific and I hope we stay within its circle and avoid tangents.

And this isn't to offend you Flagg, you did what your skills allowed you to

do, nothing more.

I'm just questioning the rationality of one very powerful skill and how it

very well might be a bit one-sided and disobey logical thought.

Dangerously curious,


Written by my hand on the 14th of Eleuthral, in the year 1056.