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Eumaius Lionheartto Nightmare Babidi, Fate's End

who the hell do you think you are?, the almighty?. \"abuse\", \"punishment\" I will not be \"abused\" or \"punished\" you feeble minded wench. obviously you can push me around because of your skill lvl, and obviously that is frowned upon because of the bloodl

ust precaution, so you found that you can still give me a curse or two during your bloodlust. I seriously doubtthat is the way it was meant to be. so it's up to you, you are harrassing Genesis' customers in this game and ruining my online experience.

You wanna kill me fine!, you wanna take my items fine!, but don't go around cursing me over and over again because you cannot do those things!, that is not the way Avalon is meant to be played.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Leaflost, in the year 1053.