your childesh and pathetic way of ruining this game.

Eumaius Lionheartto Nightmare Babidi, Fate's End

Listen you little shit, I pay good money to play here and therefore I have the right to not be harrassed by a sadist lil' schoolboy as yourself. Let me explain, Roleplaying is playing a character role in a fantasy based enviroment. You have undoubtedl

y and utterly destroyed that enviroment for me, thus you are harrassing me.

I seriously doubt you following me around and cursing me with the same thing over and over while you cannot attack due to your insane amount of bloodlust constitutes anything but harrassment, I seriously hope this matter is looked into because I will

not be harrassed by anyone and you'd better bet your ass especially not in a place I pay money to be in, got it?.

How many times were you dropped as a lil' boy huh?

Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1053.