ME??!!! YOU!!!.

How many MORE times are you going to call me little boy? babidi came up with it

first and I would appreciate a more original description coming from your lips.

and this LITTLE boy can whoop your ass on the battlefield one on one Zerina.

Hence your complete failure to issue any sort of challenge to me whatsoever to

save whatever face you have left after I scrape it off the side of my boot.

Next time, come up with better lies as to how I 'stumble' onto sentinels on my

way back to Parrius during a mutual challenge. Your pretty much the main reason

Threap was discarded from the Warriors, but feel free to continue blaming me

if it makes you feel better about your pseudo-life. Oh, and the speed-walking?

Its called 'prepare to run.' For you, though, I suggest changing your alias to

'prepare to bite it' since that's all you do when face to face with me.

(doff) Good day, wench of Thakria.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Midsummer, in the year 1052.