One point I would disagree with in your comparison to comments

on Loremasters and how seers used to be regarded is this.

The few Loremasters who have made a go combat have literally screwed every last resource out of the skills we get

and substantially rely on non-guild skills to be effective. Even then it is only effective in a not dying much

and hard to kill kind of way.

As soon as Loremasters ability to kill is dramatically reduced by skill changes (i. e no skills

to easily overcome pentacle) it effectively turns loremasters into hard to kill rather

toothless one on one fighters againts anyone with the ability to make a pentacle and not wish to die.

When seers were considered \"weak\" this was because their potential had not been realised

as soon as some competant seers came along (with a few powerful skill tweeks) seers become a

very different prospect.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Leaflost, in the year 1050.