Notwithstanding your good point about loremasters (Zeni for example wouldn't be bothered about the change in staves since he didn't use them generally)

I seem to recall that one of the people complaining about seers and indicating that they were overpowered was you, after you last left that guild.

Most competent fighters would certainly agree that at the highest level, while not necessarily \"overpowered\" (that's always a bit of a value judgement) a good seer should beat an equally good fighter from any other profession, most of the time.

If you add in the fact that you guys get the rather hugely powerful heads skill after a succesful kill, and hold enormous influence over shops and city areas with your stones, you can't blame people for grumbling occasionally.

Even if the main reason for grumbling is really their own inability to beat you in combat.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Midsummer, in the year 1050.