What loremasters are 'supposed to be'.

Emperor Babidi, Fate's Endto Everyone

Loremasters have the potential to be incredible fighters. Not only does a single attack from a loremaster do more damage than any other single other active attack by any profession (being a lightarc/jab), but you are also the most powerful profession

defensively, having extra fast healing and a number of special defensive abilities that make you very very hard to kill.

Loremasters do have a number of non combative skills, but most professions do, from picking locks for thieves to evoking poisons for sorcerers. Yet all of these professions are perfectly able combatively, as are the loremasters.

I for one would like to see more people going against common misconceptions such as 'loremasters aren't fighters' or 'rangers are not good head on' and learn how to make fools of the people that say such things. There was a time when seers were consi

dered horrible at head on combat too, and now all people do is whine about how overpowered they are.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Skyelong, in the year 1050.