The point.

The point oh, embarassing one, was that we will never know.

You instantly run around and state that whatever claims Dunccan makes are bullshit, and yet expect us to believe your own 'Babidi is all innocent, how could you suggest such a thing?' little story.

Maybe you are telling the truth, or maybe you did qq and after an hour or so to calm down you decided to reconnect and make your excuses so you want get a 'bad image' and we all know how important your image is to you.

Now I dont know, but Im not either presuming to know, to be honest the only reason I posted was to have a dig at you. Might I suggest though that in future you dont call bullshit, unless you want bullshit called back at you.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 1049.