Dunccan the Master of Tactics.

Emperor Babidi, Fate's Endto Everyone

Today as I was beating on his girlfriend Aja , Sir Dunccan came at me intending to save her. Upon his arrival he began to jabjab me repeatedly, as knights tend to do. However, I cast my curse of shimmering upon him, and he soon found himself in mist

form. Strangely, mere moments after he became a bodyless mist, Sir Dunccan opted to qq.

Now I have recieved two different stories from our brave knight as to exactly what happened, first that his computer crashed and second that he was having twenty second lag. I seriously doubt either, as he had jabjabed me multiple times at a normal s

peed, the last of which landed moments before he became a mist, and the actual act of qqing occured just seconds after.

After all the utter bullshit that Dunccan has spread about how he is so great and my Thakrians are so lame, it is sad to see this supreme act of hypocrisy.

Sorry to see you resort to this kid.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Midsummer, in the year 1049.