awww, they let you out again did they ?.

Lorebreaker Elysiumto Emperor Babidi, Fate's End

Excellent! You will shatter, steal maim strip in mutual challenges!

I think you and your fellow thakrians need to read a little more slowly before firing off rabid posts.

This debate started when Toranaga (you know - someone you tell how to dress, look and behave) complained about having a sword stolen during a mutual challenge.

My point was that was fine, whereas running to a storeroom to heal in a mutual isn't really cricket. BTW it's funny you should mention my storeroom, when its yours I had to break into because you enjoyed hiding in it so much.

Bravo to Joely, no where near Toranagas peer, yet manages to steal from him one on one. Whereas your trainee Toranaga has to elicit team assistance to achieve the same effect from me.

Oh, is it wise to post lies that involve your patron ? Because old bean, I actively REQUESTED from Olympus, specifically Orthwein, the removal of my PW, despite him warning that I would not be able to choose it again if he agreed to do so. I made the

request specifically to stop whiny little shits like you who moan \"ABUSE ABUSE ABUSE wahahhahahaha Where's my mummy!!!? \" everytime things don't go your way.

Take care, and remember don't talk to strangers


Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1049.