im touched.

You think im competant, im touched, the truth of the matter is though, sands is solo isnt it? Anyway, i dont mind the grand melee at all, but im sorry 4 on 1 is a bit harsh, it makes even the most incompetant seem good,

Sauntra, tukar dont post mention or whatever you call your brain farts to me, or about me or concerning me what either of you have to say is completely irrelevant... stock room fighters. tukar arnt you all ultimate. isnst fistandantillu what 2 ultima

tes? and no you are very conventional you as all the other stock room fighters suck. smile .

Sauntra you are going to find your stockroom a very very lonely place indeed. wench. Ill get you alone i dont need a pack and i dont need anybody to kill you, and as your stockroom comes under the influence of the power of our seers you will find life

in avalon very very difficult,

As with toranaga from now on i shall also ignore your dribble, and press n with whatever you have to say, ... by the way dont think, you are very bad at it. quit posting your just a thought posts, i just wish i had read this bb before the public so i

could have pressed next on your forest fires stupidity.

Yours, dunccan, oh and tukar about me spamming anything, it was all an accident it always is. my enter key is stuck, cant fix it to bad. shrug. grin.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Ilmarael, in the year 1046.