Hairy backed little wench.

After you have constantly shouted off with your Kes mouth and repeatedly said i don't fight you in challenges, I would challnege you and you wouldn't challenge back or hide in a tree.

This time you challenged me, i came and killed you, and the challenge wasn't over, nor did i ever challenge you back. But then you ran into your tree and hid there for a while. Then quit, then came back, then challenged me again, this time still in yo

ur tree, then cat'd and all the other things you do.

You can cry all you want and use profanity to lash out, but as your blood is covering my knife right now, with the few deaths i got from you while you weren't able to crawl your hairy back up to the tree before I slit you throat. I'm content.

I NEVER called for reinforcemnets, i don't need any against you. The fact that others want to kill you as much as I do is on you.

I like how you call it \"compromising position\" why don't you say the truth. \"When I am about to die, because you are killing me. I run to the nearest tree and stay up there, until I think you aren't around\".

As for me being at HS, i'm not always where I appear to be, get your sight fixed.

Tukar, cleaning the hair, blood and VD from his knife after Aja's many deaths.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Midsummer, in the year 1046.