Everyone can make a mistake and in the scheme of things I did honestly

believe Dunccan had won the challenge.

Are you seriously suggesting Zerina would have rejected me ( from a compassion several

hours earlier) if I had finished the challenge. I apologised and withdrew from challenge

immediately i realised the error.

On the subject of Orinoko's mistake in killing you in a temple, the simple

answer is not to run into one mid fight there are many other safe places to run

to - in fact you normally manage to make it to your guild or shop storeroom easily enough.

By the way I have really enjoyed the fights with your lately because each one of

them has resulted in you dying lots and riding the ship lots - keep up the good

work your little horde of warlock \"witches\" are following nicely in your footsteps.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Paglost, in the year 1046.