keeping my mouth shut?.

Dont know what you've been smoking, but if you think saying anything to you is worth my time and effort you are sadly mistaken. Since I said nothing to you before you jumped me (your tells were off and my shouts are off), I can only assume the voice y

ou heard was some sort of hallucination.

I called you an ass, yes. But it was only after you jumped me, entourage in tow. The only way you could have heard me call you an ass is if you had the Grove bugged. You shouldnt eaves-drop if you dont like what you hear. Since no one Im aware of woul

dnt spend much time talking about you, it might be depressing for you to hear how little regard anyone has for your patheic, sewer-dwelling life.

So everyone will know what you heard from my mouth:

You are an ass. You will always be an ass. That will never change.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Hindyear, in the year 1044.