Particularly non combatants posting here.

Babidi the Dark Bardto Everyone

assess what should and should not happen in a fight.

Yes, help sadism does say 'do not send your opponent on the ship of death more than once.' The reason that statement is rather invalid is because after the person in question emerges from the pool of life, they have divine protection. Even the best

fighter is hard pressed to kill a divinely protected person. If said person opts to lose divine protection, and either attack the previous victor again or being mouthing off, he will obviously be sailing again soon. Common sense I thought, but obvio

usly the druids felt the need to show their lack of it.

On the matter of 'not attacking people weaker than you', the young quite frankly want to participate it seems. But they do it in ways that cause them to become major targets. If a mercinaen and a thakrian are fighting, and a young mercinaen mage com

es up and begins dazzling the thakrian, he is forcing himself into a combat situation which is above his head. If that is what he wants so be it. For those of you that are 'young and inexperienced' it should not be hard to stick with practicing with

your peers if that is what you REALLY want. If you wish to fight with older stronger players, so be it, i'm sure they will oblige you a few challenges, some may even give you tips. But when you being to attack older players in groups, you give up a

ny right to say 'i am small, leave me alone'. So don't do it unless you are sure you can handle it. Again, I thought this was common sense, obviously it is beyond some people.

I hope all non fighters will reconsider before posting again here, particularly those of the guild of animists, since it is quite apparent none of you have any sense of what combat is about, or why things happen like they do.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Springflower, in the year 1044.