Babidito Honourable Fistandantilus

perform itch bothers me a bit that your attitude is so utterly poor. People bitch so much about getting stripped, and here I am stupidly teaching people how to avoid it. I did the exact same thing to you I did to sorianon, and on top of telling Sori

anon how to avoid it next time, i returned some of his things. You on the other hand were protected well, so instead of spending more and more time trying to take what I could (which i'd have done if I truly wanted all your possessions), I congratula

te you on your defence and continue on with the fight.

By the way, no, Dunccan did not stop jabjabing my eagle, and in fact it was on about 1000 health by the time i killed you. He later found it while i was in the bb and finished the job. It matters very little to me in practice, but it does prove my p

oint that knights are honourless thugs.

And on the matter of Bumble, unless that spirit gateway that opened when you died and were ressurected on power ritual was a candesent illusion, she did very well intend to ressurect you. She sent another when you were ghosted after the challenge, an

d in fact asked you to resist 0. In the end I just walked away, since I felt there was no point in continuing to attack really, but please don't try to save her reputation with lies. She's made her bed, now she can lie in it.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Mournsend, in the year 1044.