The fight.

Fistandantilusto Babidi


Dunc jj'ed until you said challenge, and then stopped, first off.

Secondly I am dissapointed that you would try and strip someone 1/3 you within a challenge.

Also, I find it fairly ironic that you are so ENRAGED by dunc's breaking of our challenge.

Not that in any way agree with breaking challenges of course, but your mount was all that was attacked.

Yesterday in the midst of a mutual challenge, Kalysta Killed me...not bashed my mount a few times... KILLED ME.

Your princess' actions reflects on all your fellow citizens, yourself included.

Next order of business...Bumble.

She sent me a portal after my second death, when you had won the challenge. Not after the power rit ressed me.

certainly legitimate in a challenge situation, since it had finished.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Mournsend, in the year 1044.