Challenge Interferance.

Babidito Sir Dunccan Knight Marshall of Mercinae

I'd like to congratulate dunccan on summarizing exactly what knightly honour is about today. A brave young mercinaen named fistandantilus opted to challenge me for reasons of his own. I accepted and the fight ensued. After playing with him a bit, i

congratulated him on being rather well prepared, and doing much better than his guild elder, sorianon.

About this time, Dunccan comes tearing in and begins attacking my mount. I inform him I am in challenge, and he opts not to stop. So I spend the rest of the challenge keeping my eagle alive. Even while i was distracted sadly Sir Dunccan failed to

kill the beast.

Interestingly enough, Bumble the animist also attempted to ressurect Fistandantilus not only after the challenge was over, but mid challenge when he ressurected on power ritual. Now bumble, going directly against guild policy is one thing, but showin

g you have no idea how to interpret death watch simply makes you out to be incompetant in your line of work.

Keep making your city proud both of you!

Written by my hand on the 5th of Mournsend, in the year 1044.