Now now Aja, considering you spend 90% of your time in trees, you have no room to talk about sewers. About getting it on, I don't want to catch anything from you that an allheal wouldn't cure. But if you're talking about fighting when i came to you, y

ou were too busy committing suicide off a cliff to get DP, so being the nice fellow i am at times, I bathed you, YOu then again went and killed yourself, so I bathed you again, and somehow through this process you still got DP.

Then while you were at the Grove complaining that I \"stripped\" you, now reading your post it was 1 item, a knife, wouldn't that be more considered robbing? or are you so into yourself you want people to think of you in \"that\" way (being stripped). Thi

s isn't the first time i've been blamed for stripping you when you've lost something.

As I was saying tho, while you were in the pool whining about it, I offereed to fight you, all you had to do was drop DP. Instead you continued to whine and spam me with stupid tells and smilies while having your etells off. So i put you on my enemy

list and put mine on.

As for your name calling, that suits a mercinaen.

Tukar, lacking the lavish.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Midwinter, in the year 1044.