Blotto, Banshee of the Seato Everyone

Well 2 things I would like to hit up here.

First, Catt did you forget what a mutual challenge was, or just forget that it is supposed to be a fight between 2 people. I cannot help what Tukar did during ours, nor do I condone it.

Nor did I ask for him to do it, or want him to do it. Next time I hope that you can look through your thick head, and type challenges before attacking.

Next, I would like to speak on Tukar's behalf. As many of you fighters out there, hard asses that you are, if you type help bandits, maybe this should shed some light upon you.

Bandits are not meant to be battle prowessed foes, they steal, they sneak, they get what they can take! It is their freaking nature, it is what they do

And the skillset that has been given to them exemplifies that.

I could Bit** about rangers in trees, seers being able to bond through pentacles, hell, the fact that everyone can deaf and blind themselves with ease and no consequences, but LIVE WITH IT!!

Written by my hand on the 20th of Paglost, in the year 1042.