Well, some things never change, eh?.

It's been nearly 12 months IRL since we last faced each other,

or even spoke to each other.

Having always thought you a good fighter, and having just lost

a bout to Orinoko (a fine fight, I may add), I though I would

test my mettle against Mercinaes premier knight. Thats you.

I issue a challenge, and then realise that you are in the BB,

so I politely retract, as I have been informed that such issuing

is a 'zapping offence'.

I patiently await your return from the BB, to greet you and

offer you combat once more. When you do so, you utter these

immortal words...

'Sir Kes tells you, \"Leave it fuckwit I will come back and push your head up your own arse tosser\".'

Well, 'Sir' Kes. Come and take me on if you think you're hard enough.

But please, please, leave the childish potty-mouth at home, I gave you no

cause to speak to me thusly, and do not expect such, or use such myself.

Language like that has no place in a Mud, especially from a supposed


Now, before you go all red and lose your rag again, let me tell you

that I expect nothing less than MORE verbal abuse, possibly followed by

a damned fine bending over and teaming...

Just thought I'd give you an opportunity to prove me wrong.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Springflower, in the year 1042.