If not honour, how about showing a little honesty?.

Sir Duroc of Mercinaeto Blotto, The Red Tide

I find it quite amusing to feel such a need to kill someone a third your size.

A couple things, I saw Scribe I think it was die twice, assumed you were up to your usual tricks of jumping people, and went to get you. I nailed you, made you berserk, you killed scribe again while berserk, then escaped, came back in, apparently too

k damage from the rune stave, and I killed you. Drop the little lies about the health potion.

Possible you were linkdead the second time, you asked me to come out to fight, so I came out and your fellow jumper Tukar yanked me, and I had to kill him yet again.

Then I killed you. THought I had caught you in the middle of typing something. Never bothers you attacking me when I am stuck on a telnet window or Javalon, so I honestly don't give a damn. Had I known I wouldn't have, but I shed no tears over it.

Yesterday once again you jumped me. You died, even as the orcs were hitting me, I killed you. You whined about that too, it apparently is never anyways skill you lose, just bad luck.

Then you killed me, took a bit, and finally we fought for about 10 minutes, during which you ran off to Zeni at least once, and to a store once, before stopping, and fighting someone else. I have yesterday all logged, so please, lie all you want abou

t it, will be amusing letting people see what actually happened.

Oh, and by the way, the last fight last night I had no health potion for, just tyrlar and lestagii. Chew on that.

I don't pretend to be better than you. If I make a single mistake in our fights, chances are I will die. You can make many mistakes, your skills are far higher than mine, you are about 3 times my size after all.

I have one Ultimate, after that the next is renowned.

Still, we have had some long fights. Just think what will happen when I get some skills.

Until then, I will do the best I can. And yes, when I kill someone that much larger than I am, I enjoy it, and take some measure of pride in it. How does it feel killing someone a 3rd your size? Does it make your heart swell with pride? I hope so

, cause you seem to have rather poor luck with your peers.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Hindyear, in the year 1038.