Lesson in Stupidity.

A couple things...

1 - Sarcasm is obviously above you, henceforth I will just simply resort

to abusive name calling.

2 - Jhor, despite my general dislike of him, him being a Thakrian and all,

and the fact that we try to kill each other given the chance, gets my respect

because he has more than half a brain. He uses it too.

3 - My whining comment was directed to 'Another Idiot Argument' between

Koyen and Sorianon.

4 - As sooooo many of your citizens make this mistake quite often, I guess

I'm almost used to it by now. I am not Mercinaen.

By the by, drinking makes dealing with your mental midgetry fun instead of

tedious. Stick to fighting, you are a lot better at it. I will admit I'm

much better with words than my knife, so go ahead, try to kick my ass

shouldn't be TOO hard a challenge for ya.

Creal, Packin' His Six-Guns

Written by my hand on the 15th of Ilmarael, in the year 1038.