Why would you challenge someone when you have enough lag to be

defeated by an LW?

The first kill on Dart, it was very evident that he was lagging

after it was all over, because he really didn't do much to me. But

after that first one, why would you go through another challenge

under similar circumstances? The second challenge was more difficult

than the first, so the point that you so obviously missed in my

earlier posts was that Dart was in fact not lagging at all, and is

just making excuses. I know it's difficult Jhor, but please, do try

to keep up. There's a good chap.

--Young Mage Sorianon

P. S.: Ahh, the full force of the Thakrian propaganda falls heavily

upon my shoulders, Brother Tahlveorn, but pray, let Mercinae stand

together so my martyrdom isn't in vain!

Written by my hand on the 27th of Ilmarael, in the year 1036.