The lessons of and for young mages.

Good show Dart,

I do believe the last time the two of us had a teaching session,

I beat you twice in a row. I just wish the lag would've cleared up

enough for me to have been able to use my astral bonding item before

your ethereal spirit fled from my grasp. And I wish I could've seen

the look on your face when your crystal heart reformed within your

expiring body. I do believe you learned a lesson from me that night,

no matter what you say, and it has absolutely nothing to do with DP.

If I am wrong, please challenge me again, and correct me.

And Kalysta... as you are so fond of saying to others, \"behave yourself. \"

--Young Mage Sorianon

Written by my hand on the 17th of Ilmarael, in the year 1036.