Archangel Huzow, the Devilto Everyone

I do not care what you think of me. I do not care about your emotional state. I do not care what your perceptions are. I do not care if you feel cheated. I do not care about anything you have to say.

But you cannot spew lies and slander my good name and expect me to let your lies go undisputed.

The facts of the matter: I did agree to fight you without the Angel or the Demon Lords. You were sitting in your guild with the door locked. Though I normally do not fight challenges in an enemies guild, I decided that you were no threat and had no

tricks in store. I traversed to you, ordered me demons, and unfortunately, I had the wrong person targeted. I pilled out and called demons right away. The time between my entrance and my calling demons could not have exceeded 20 seconds. During t

hat time, the Demon Lords may have attacked you, if they had the instict to realize who I was fighting, though I never even ordered them against you. From that time forward, they were never in your location. I traversed in and left several times. E

ventually, I tore your soul from your protesting body. The Demon Lords were not present.

ignorance full you are so locked inside your fantasy world that you do not belive I can kill you without them, I swear, before the Gods of Avalon, that I did not use them to slay you, that I do not need them to slay you, and that I shall slay you anyt

ime you like without them.

I await your experience points.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Paglost, in the year 1036.