"Honest Huzow".

Mage Sorianon of Mercinaeto Everyone

I'd just like to take a moment to post what an utterly cowardly and

dishonest person Huzow is.

Yeah, what else can you expect from Sorcs, some of you are saying? Maybe

I'm the fool, but I thought Huzow would actually keep his word, but I now

know that he's like all the other Sorcs, as this is not the case.

Huzow agreed to challenge me without greater named demons about 45 minutes

ago. I wanted to see what he did without them, as it's widely known that

Huzow's main power in a jump comes from having all the named demons and

Death with him. He actually agreed to this--which is a lot more than I really

expected--so I got into position, danced rits, and waited, as we Mages enjoy

doing. Challenges were issued, and after a bit of running around, Huzow trav'd

to me. He immediately pilled out of there after an amiable smile, and when

I typed 'Eye', who did I find? Shagwhatever and Orision. What a shock,

not even 5 seconds into the actual battle and Huzow went back on what he said.

I guess this little challenge--invoked by a bit of insanity on my part

admittedly--really proved to me what a dishonest and arrogant coward he is.

After I died (not surprising to me at all, either way), I called him on

how he went back on his word, and he argued that he recalled them back

5 seconds after he portalled out--which later became 30 seconds by his word,

which extended into a minute--so they didn't affect the outcome, as if being

my size in a room with two greater demons who are attacking me don't have

anything to do with how the match ends up. And I can quote my favorite

thing Huzow said to me after it was over: \"I did keep my word, except

for that first mistake. \" Yeah, right. At least now I absolutely know

where you come from, and I'll never make the mistake of trusting what you

say ever again. And to all reading, I suggest you don't either.

--Mage Sorianon of Mercinae

P. S.: Oh, and Huzow, from behind the wall of etell you told me that me

asking you to fight w/o greaters is like you asking me to fight w/o

stormcloud and leech. I beg to differ: Me asking you to fight w/o

greaters is like you asking me to fight w/o Armageddon, Truealkar, and

Magnification--which I omitted from my rits list

\"Honest Huzow\". Bull.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Springflower, in the year 1036.