Cont. Jumping when in challenge.

Mage Sorianon of Mercinaeto Mage Anjiin

Quite interesting you should be asking Mariah that, as she had challenged

me last night when Kronok and I were already mutually engaged. When I told

her that the battle was mutual, she only responded to me by saying \"tough\".

And when I laughed at her preposterous notion that it is allowed or even

acceptable in Avalonian society that she can interfere in a mutual challenge,

her response to me was, \"Em who can't, you lot do it all the time\".

Perhaps she had a bit of furglewort that night, or had thrown back one too

many RL cider ales, I suppose you'll have to ask her, but she didn't seem

to have her head on right. *grin*

Wishing Mariah gets the best help money can buy,

--Mage Sorianon of Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 24th of Midwinter, in the year 1036.