You low down, cowardly, pathetic cheater.

Today I recieved this message from Omacron. \"Oh shove your head back up your ass son, you sound more sensible that way! IF QQ's bother you that much you be sure I will do it to you constantly! Some of us choose not to fight, yet not go the way of the

dreaded PW - deal with it. \"

Needless to say, I am very disturbed. This type of attitude is completely destructive and harmful to the Avalon game environment. After having Omacron QQ on me twice before I could begin to properly strip him, I sent him a msg explaining a few thing

s to him. This is the reply I get, and it worries me, so I would like to spell a few things out to anyone who is reading this.

Bad things happen in Avalon. It is a world without consequences, so the strong do what they like and the weak get trampled. This is realistic and appropriate. The weak have several options within the scope of the game. Get better. Stay dp or choo

se Pacifism. Or take your punches and deal with it.

QQing is NOT an appropriate response. It destroys the environment and is really a terrible form of cheating that anyone can do, anytime. There is no way to stop qqing. It is the ultimate defense, and as such it renders all forms of combat completel

y useless.

Omacron, you told me to \"deal with it. \" I wish I could, but there is nothing I can do that \"deals\" with your horrendous concept of fair play. That is what this is, really. You have a way to circumvent the natural rules of life in Avalon. It is che

ating, plain and simple. I implore you to think about the consequences your actions have on the quality of gameplay here.

Honest Huzow

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 1035.