My last post had a missing word which resulted in the first sentence from making sense.

Unless you are so stupid (possible I know) I COULD never have jumped you as you logged on.

I don't recall killing you in Mercinae but it is possible. Choose a safe place to log on - mages get some Excellent skills to defend themselves while putting up full rits.

We were after Allanon and due to his perpensity for hangin' out in rits hostile to his enemies you were eliminated. Because ( Sometimes through choice and other times because he turns up uninvited) he regulary turns up inside your rits you will be tar

getted. Do you seriously believe you are going be allowed to put up full rits and then let him run and hide in them before we attack ?

Don't want to be attacked ? Don't allow him in your rits - you can always enemy him if he won't leave. Don't hang out at meeting place while a team battle is occurring and then say \"oops sorry I was just minding my own business here when my constricte

d mist, earthquake etc rits accidently hit you allowing your foes to escape\"

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Midsummer, in the year 1035.