ignorance full I had a medal to give, Elbethamore, you would get it. God knows Jander isn't as busy as he lets on. Not everyone has the balls to admit they don't have balls, and Jander is one of those people.

The point of this message for those of you whose first language is not English (I know a lot of you huggies have trouble following most trains of thought in this language), Jander is an utter coward, he never accepts challenges (I take it back, he has

taken two from me in the past 3 monthes), and he always gives some excuse. At the same time he considers little Thakrians and plots the downfall of LW sorcerers. He is not a busy man, just a coward, so please Jander don't tell me \"This is not a goo

d time. \"

Written by my hand on the 29th of Skyelong, in the year 1035.