Abbot Elbethamore, Mystic of the Watery Depthsto Everyone

I love the way refusing a challenge when someone offers one is deemed as some cowardly act...

I, for one, don't sugarcoat. As Nafai can attest, I am perfectly willing to respond \"I will not accept this challenge because I don't stand a chance\" or words to that effect, but at other times, the reason really is that I don't have time, or I am tel

netting, or my health is too low.

Perhaps \"Now isn't a good time for me, later for sure\" really means that that particular time was no good for him...

I'm waiting for one of these days when I shout \"later avalon--elbe\" to be issued a challenge and mocked as a coward when I laugh at the person and proceed to log off as I intended to anyway.

Anyway, just an observation that may or may not apply here--I don't know all the circumstances. But I'm sure that his can apply for someone's situation, if not this one.


Written by my hand on the 18th of Skyelong, in the year 1035.