now now be fair.

Allanon pills to the mage you are fighting in mutual challenge. This is because he is a coward and the only non-dp fighter around was that mage. He checks challenges but stays in the rits attacking his persecuters cos - hey - \"Win at any cost\" is his


He then apologises to the attackers once he's safely been sent to the pool.

(and he's safely stolen your runes mid challenge)

Orinoko and threap barge in and attack you, Orinoko to be fair backed off and apologised once he realised a challenge was in place. Threap (Mr XP at any cost) of course ignored my tell, I assume ignored any tell from the 2 challengers and got a cheap

kill in.

Yeah it's pathetic behaviour from Springtown. But hey they are villagers, we need to show them some sympathy...

Kudos to Orinoko for being the ONLY one of the three to properly apologise and back off.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Eleuthral, in the year 1035.