Acts of cowardice.

Underestimating Tahlveornto Everyone

When i was an even littler knight than i is now i was wandering in the oak forest when my potions started to explode.

It was very scary i can tell you. and it continued until they had all smashed apart from the ones with the strange silver oval on them.

I would just like whichever mystic or prophet did this act, that not only did it mentally scar me (the flashbacks still haunt my dreams (christ i flinch in fear each time i sip my potions nowerdays)).

And yes i do know it was a mystic or a prophet, its a common fact that no member of a thakrian guild ever does anything cowardly, or against very small players, or in situations where they outnumber the enemy.

So... I hope that said mystic - prophet can sleep at night knowing what horrors they unleashed upon my life.

I am sure they can...

All Mercinaens and Springdalians are cowardly cheats who only ever team their opposition or pick on people smaller than them.

No really its true... I read it on these flyers that were dropped over the skies of avalon...

Oh no. cloak gone... must sip diffusion... getting shaky... must sit down...


Written by my hand on the 7th of Cloudburst, in the year 1034.