Jarok, Sadistic Bastardto Everyone

I have talked to a lot of people on Avalon, and I am very sorry that I have

to post on this board, but they have taken away my ability to post on the

public bb. I know that a lot of people are currently dissatisfied with the

current state of God/Player relations and I am not writing to complain.

I am writing because I love this game. I loved it 4 years ago when I was

Khan and prince of thakria, and I still love it today. What makes Avalon

great is the people that play it, and I believe after talking to people,

that everyone has one simple request. Talk to us. Ask us what we think.

We know that this is a business, and we know your decision will always be

final, we just want to be appreciated. Just throw us a bone sometimes.

If we disagree about some things please don't delete our posts, just respond,

even if the response is no. All I want is communication. With this I

believe Avalon will always be profitable, fun and ever growing. Who is

the best recruiter? Us! We want more people to play as much as you do.

I conclude this with a second plee to please not delete this post, and

secondly if anyone else wants to see a response to this please simply

post on this same bb: \"Please respond to Jarok\".

Thank you for your time and patience,


Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1033.