Until The Day Arrives.

Sorianon of the Magesto Jarok, Sadistic Bastard


Yes, we call you a coward for only being able to jump people. And it's true,

because you are. But then you come at us and say something like, \"Well why don't

you come and jump me back? \" I don't know about anyone else in my Guild, but I

personally don't jump you back for three specific reasons.

For one, I don't know Thakria well. I've been playing this game for a little

over a month, and I'm still very inexperienced. You are playing your second

character, however, and therefore you are more knowledgeable of both Thakria and

Mercinae than I. I take no shame in saying this, for my power and knowledge grow

daily, and the day that I will be able to adequately stand up for myself is not

that far off. As of now, I am weak... but that won't last long.

Second, I despise jumps. I do understand that it is a way of life in Avalon,

and I don't feel betrayed or taken advantage of if I am jumped successfully. I

should always be watching my back for people like you, and if I should happen to

fall, it is my fault and my fault only. It doesn't hurt to have a long memory

when I am able enough to take advantage of your coming to me, looking for a fight.

And the final reason is a rather simple one: I don't jump you back because

you're not worth the time and energy that goes into a jump. You're a little brat

that has something to prove... either to yourself, or to the Mages, or to Avalon

in general. I don't feel bad about myself and my skills when you can sometimes

pull off a jump on me and kill me, because the last time you actually CHALLENGED

me--oooh, what a concept--I killed you. I also take pride in the fact that all

the subsequent times I have challenged you, you have not responded. I am very

secure in the knowledge that should you actually face me while I am prepared, you

will die.

So come, Jarok. I invite you (as if you need an invitation). Jump me, web me,

trip me up and ship me. Every Avalonian, from whatever city they happen to hail

from, is taught very early on that Death is not something to be feared. Come to

me and, should you succeed in your intentions, make yourself feel all warm and

fuzzy inside because you caught me while my attentions were elsewhere.

I will very much enjoy the day, however, when you come at me with my death in

your eyes, and find yourself sailing the Ship of Death by my capable hand.

Until the day arrives,

Sorianon of the Mages

Written by my hand on the 12th of Hindyear, in the year 1032.