mostly Blueskull and Co.

Warrior Eumaius of the Parrian Roundtableto Everyone

Short and sweet here, Zenichiro has stated nothing but the truth while defining, earlier mentioned combat scenarios. I have never once heard him \"complain\" nor \"whine\" about anything, I've only seen him grit his teeth and fight harder when the going g

ets tuff, which is why I would fight and die for him.

I cannot say the same about any of you though, as I only have seen lies and minimizing of your own faults, rather then standing to the truth, so say what you will it means nothing to me nor my allies.

Oh and Blueskull, I have no-where near Ultimate Swordplay, perhaps it's just your soft skin giving you the wrong impression?

Warrior Eumaius, of the Parrian Roundtable

Written by my hand on the 11th of Ilmarael, in the year 1032.