Maybe your just dense...

Creal the Viciousto Jarok, Sadistic Bastard

Dear my little dumb apprentice sorc,

For the last time, I have never, ever, been a Mage. I was a Wizard at

the time of that encounter, and as I have said before, I seriously doubt

you could kill a single member of that guild. On to other things, you

list me as someone you have killed, but I'm sure as most of the people

here would agree, a single death isn't that important in the scheme of

things, especially when the person killed you immediately upon returning

due to ressurection, without any defenses, any rituals, and only needing

one dazzle and a couple handburns.

Ohh, and by the way, I STILL haven't gotten rid of all the bloodlust I got

off of you.

Creal, Waiting for Godot

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1032.