Your post.

Keldor, I don't think my competence is under any question by either my

friends or enemies, well, except by you, who of late does nothing but

accuse of me teaming. Lets just analyse this shall we?

My first day back after my short break and we agree a challenge, you win,

but instead of winning gracefully you are mocking, and upon my

resurrection you attempt to kill me. Which is fine and quite common to

see challenges to the ship. Instead I manage to kill you, and low and behold

Tyrion comes running to attack me and then the two of you try to chase

and kill me before seeing it's hopeless if I wish to defend.

Again, a day or so later, you, Orinoko, Allanon and Gandalph again attempt

to team me,

Just 4 days ago you did manage to infact ship me, and all it took was the

assistance of Orinoko, Allanon, Gandalph, Threap, Markus and Blueskull.

Oh, and not to mention me being booted. But quite the accomplishment for you

all I'm sure! After all, only 6 of you had all Ultimate skills so you should

be easy.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Midsummer, in the year 1032.