I can't resist winding up idiots.

What has my language outside of the BB got to do with anything ? The BBs are accessed by all types of people, some of whom could be offended, therefore my langauge (which is not vile - the words I use are standard collequial English as any U. K. people

this side of 30 here will confirm.

) whereas the people I abuse via tells I know to not be offended by such language, or I dislike them enough not to care.

Secondly how is complaining about cowards (oops sorry PACIFISTS) who cowered while their city burnt coming on this board and bitching being hypocritcal? Read the dictionary honey, (btw I have a huge vocabulary and don't require a book to help me post)

before coming out with phrases like snidely about snide and redefining the word hypocritcal.

My point was someone comes on here and is nice about someone, and all a low-life huggy can do is be rude to the complementor. It makes you look pathetic, sore loser (or in your case as a pacifist a sore non-contributer) and a desperate attention seeke

r. I ask again - 2 weeks of public posts, reread them, count complements from Thakrians to that village you now live in, count complements (or rather lack of) directed back at Thakria.

I'm witty, eloquent, egotistical and honest. You are merely a sad bitch, your mother isn't Orielle by any chance ?

Written by my hand on the 27th of Mournsend, in the year 1030.