and orinoko too.

I notice you refused my challenges once all your cronies were riding the ship. No big deal the offer still remains.

Or for a more interesting wager, you and the Womble against me. Just the two of you mind, think you can find the backbone to do that ?

I'll even lend you a teddy bear ally just so you don't get too scared, at least three on one being your usual preferred odds.

I know you run when the teams are evenly matched (I counted at least 5 huggies in the room of stars when we went in.) So be brave hold orinoko's hand and take me on.

I'm far from the worlds' greatest fighter, but I know I can beat you two clowns without breaking a sweat.

Lady Glowballistic, Fighter

Written by my hand on the 10th of Paglost, in the year 1029.