grow up.

Did I mention you in the posts ? Nope ? Did I ask for your opinion ? Nope. We went after allanon who strangely enough disappeared leaving you alone...

Jumping into a fight on neg rides against such players as Zeni, Nafai, Cordon and myself only shows your stupidity, suicide runs do nothing for your city or your Goddess.;+

He teamed me big time even stealing my swords something noone has done since I was a Maiden - and guess what - it was YOU who stole them way back then.

Get over it and grow up, you enter the guild and attack Thakrians, am I suposed to sit back and file my nails ?, You got a problem with us being there, then ask Allanon why 1) he didn't stay fight and ship like the rest of his cronies and 2) why he ch

ose to run to YOUR guild for protection

leaving you all alone once we arrived...

Love you loads, Glow

P. S. Don't insult me by stating it was merely orinoko and allanon teaming me, since I've already posted the eye command here it makes you look silly and dare I say it ? I think I can, a liar. Those two has beens couldn't beat me two on one even if I w

ent afk.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Paglost, in the year 1029.